Are you interested in wearing contact lenses?


Our contact lens practitioner, Albert Ovadias, has the experience and expertise to select the appropriate lenses for your individual needs,

including soft, multi-focal and gas-permeable.





















We also offer the fitting and management of contact lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.


Our services include:


   • Determining your contact lens needs

   • One-on-one teaching on how to insert, remove and care for lenses

         ➢ A full hour is set aside for your initial visit so you don’t feel rushed

         ➢ We encourage you to insert and remove your lenses so you are

              comfortable doing it on your own at home.

  • Measuring  your cornea

  • Evaluating your corneal health

  • Contact lens prescription

  • Initial set of contact lenses

  • Starter cleaning care kit INCLUDED

  • Follow up visits to assess comfort, vision and corneal health

  • A full year of contact lens follow up care

  • Leave the office wearing your contact lenses!





Contact Lens


We offer specialty services for patients who require more complex fittings due to such conditions as:


  • Aphakia

  • Irregular astigmatism

  • Keratoconus

  • Post-surgery

  • Post-trauma